Research: My recent doctoral research took me to digging deep into what makes nonprofits tick (organizational management) and how donor decisions influence nonprofits (philanthropy). Research makes me happy and I will continue to do more of it.

Nonprofit management: My facilitation consulting takes clients through leadership, capacity building, strategic planning, organizational culture, and governance. I  focus on strengthening engagement and connections withing organizations and between them, and enhancing information flows.

Philanthropy: The role of private funding of the nonprofit world has increased rapidly in the past 2 decades. My research and consulting taps into the knowledge and experience of donors, implementers, and end-use recipients to better understand this changing landscape. I work with donors who want to maximize and leverage their contributions to causes they care about, and with nonprofits that are seeking collaborative opportunities with multiple stakeholders.

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever”  Mahatma Gandhi

Leadership in Turbulent Times

Leading organizations through turbulent times has become increasingly challenging. The world needs leaders that are equipped to not only survive but also to thrive in an increasingly interconnected and complex world, where small things can make an enormous difference and changes occur rapidly and often with unintended consequences.

In my workshops, I take participants through an exploration of “systems thinking” as it relates to leadership. Lively discussion facilitated using an approach that ensures that everyone has an opportunity to be heard, and to hear others in the room. The process seeks wisdom from participants whether they hold positions of leadership, or aspire to leadership roles. These workshops illustrate how to build “healthy” and “smart” organizations, equipped to meet the demands of an increasingly complex world.

Clarity is the silent leader” Carla Funk


Carla holds a doctorate from Royal Roads University (2016), studying what makes nonprofits tick (organizational management) and how donor decisions influence nonprofits (philanthropy). She recently completed a Mitacs-funded research partnership with Development Action Canada, translating her doctoral research into leadership skills workshops.

With a passion for finding ways to enhance information flows and creating learning organizations, Carla Funk has a particular interest in leadership, capacity building, strategic planning, and board governance.

She has worked with diverse nonprofits for over 30 years. In B.C. she was on staff with, or consulted with, environmental, health research, children’s health, and First Nations organizations. She started her career in a famine in Ethiopia, later working on food security issues in Zimbabwe, and had an education focus in Switzerland.


On Humility

I just ran across the expression “paradoxical curiosity”. Its a part of John Paul Lederach’s concept of the moral imagination. In simple terms,  moral imagination is the ability to be grounded in the real world but to be able to imagine a better world. In some ways, having a finely tuned capacity for paradoxical curiosity …